Open Door Policy:

We welcome all forms of presentation and research, and value all equally. This includes practice based research inclusive but not limited to papers, readings, performances, workshops, and film, video or sound screenings. However, we sadly have no technological resource beyond projectors and microphones in certain rooms, and the venue has no performance specific spaces so please take this into account when submitting. Please do email us if you have any inquiries however.


Discrimination based on race, gender, sexuality, class, disability or body shape will not be tolerated in any form.

Guidelines for Presentations:

Please check through your papers thoroughly to ensure there is no offensive material in your presentation. Please check through your papers thoroughly and include a slide at the beginning of your presentation that lists all content warnings where necessary. Please make sure any film, video or sound content is subtitled and please, where possible, provide a descriptive text for key images included in your presentation. If you are unsure about how to do any of this this please feel free to contact us.

Access Information:

To St Cross Building on the University of Oxford campus is a mostly accessible venue for wheelchair access. Accessible toilets are on each floor and there is a wheelchair accessible lift in the building. A full description of access can be found here. Please do email us should you have any inquiries.

Presentations will be held in lecture theatres and seminar rooms in the venue. Lecture theatre presentations will use microphones, seminar rooms will not be amplified. The rooms are small and mostly quiet. Please let us know if there are particular presentations you would like to attend where sitting in the front row would be helpful and we can reserve seats for you.

Please contact us ahead of schedule if you would like to see specific papers. We will provide a quiet space for anyone who would like to use it. This will be located near an area staffed by conference organisers should you need any assistance or support.


Unfortunately we cannot provide a creche facility but children are more than welcome at the conference and we will provide a small selection of books and quiet games. We will be noting child friendly panels. Please note we cannot care for children or dependents while you are presenting.